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    請百度搜索Ma'anshan Chengxin Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.找到我們!

    Cooperation Case

    Jiangsu Zhongli Forklift Co., Ltd.

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    Jiangsu Zhongli Forklift Co., Ltd.

    Customer Reviews

       We have been working with Maanshan Chengxin Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for a long time. Many of their company's professional and technical personnel are engaged in the industry for two or three decades. The experience is very rich. We have any technical questions we will seek. They have received a lot of help and solved many problems. They are very responsible companies and are trustworthy.


    Contact us

    Ma'anshan Chengxin Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Mobile Number: 189-5559-6233
    Contact: Cao Zong
    Company Address: Longshan Village, Danyang Town, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province

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