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    Cheng Xin tells you that forklift safety should pay more attention to human factors

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    The continuous development of the cold chain industry in the past two years has further enhanced the special needs of special forklifts in the cold chain industry. Forklifts in the cold chain industry have their own particularities, such as the need for certain parts to adapt to the low-temperature operating environment; and there are special requirements for the start-up of electric forklifts, batteries, motors and wires. Although the cold chain industry has grown rapidly in the past five years, the cold chain industry in China has not formed a closed loop and the links have not converged. With the increasing demand for pharmaceutical and fresh food distribution, the cold chain has also become a breakthrough. Direction of development. The research and use of forklifts in foreign countries are relatively mature. China is also providing special equipment for cold chain according to the changing needs of the industry. Therefore, regarding the safety and application of forklifts, they can learn from foreign experience.

    Forklift safety is a serious topic and requires people in the industry to pay attention and attention. While working hard, it is also necessary to learn lessons from lessons learned in other industries, and the state should strengthen supervision to fundamentally reduce the occurrence of accidents. Manufacturers and users should also go hand in hand to create a safe use environment for forklifts.

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