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    Chengxin tells you about the maintenance of the forklift

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    In the summer and fall season, the forklift should pay special attention to maintenance during use. The conservation of forklifts this season should do the following:
    First, the external maintenance of the vehicle
    The morning and evening of autumn are more dew, and the surface of the forklift is often very wet. If there are obvious scratches on the body, paint treatment should be done in time to prevent the parts of the scratches from getting wet and rusting. Due to the rain acid rain in summer rain and the direct sunlight in summer, the body paint will inevitably be oxidized. At the time of changing seasons, the surface of the forklift should be cleaned and repaired.
    Second, tire maintenance
    In the forklift's driving, the tires play a decisive role. In summer, due to high temperatures, tire pressure should always be checked and the tire pressure must not be too high. Otherwise, there is a danger of puncture. In the fall, due to relatively low temperatures, the tires must be filled with air pressure to make it Keep in the specified pressure range, at the same time, should also check whether the tire has scratches, because the rubber in the fall and winter season is easy to become hard and appear more brittle, tires are easy to leak, and even puncture the tire, should always clean up the inclusions inside the tread.
    Third, the maintenance of the engine compartment
    The engine compartment should be checked for oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze to see if the fluid is sufficient, if it is deteriorating, and if it is due to a replacement cycle. These fluids are like the blood of the vehicle and must be replaced by the replacement cycle. The fluid circulation is smooth.
    Fourth, the brake system maintenance
    There is a large temperature difference between day and night in the fall, which can easily lead to expansion and contraction of the body parts. It is necessary to check frequently whether the brakes are weak or running, whether the pedaling force of the brake pedal changes, and if necessary, clean the piping part of the entire brake system.

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