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    Industry News

    Chengxin: Jianghuai Forklift Shines at 4th China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition

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    June 2-4, 2017 The 4th China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition. Jianghuai forklift truck brought its CQD15 station to drive forward, QD40 electric tractor, and J-II electric counterbalanced forklifts. The main model exhibitors. At the exhibition site, Jianghuai Forklifts visited the visitors in front of the booth. They have consulted, negotiated and ordered one after another. Many customers have even started the test drive by themselves. They have signed six on-site orders and have contacted more than 80 customers.

    With increasingly stringent environmental protection policies and increased awareness of environmental protection by users, the number of customers negotiating and consulting electric forklifts has increased significantly. JAC reachover forklifts, electric counterbalanced forklifts, and small diamond cars have been highly cost-effective, high-value and superior in control. Performance became a live star and was highly valued by on-site customers.

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    Ma'anshan Chengxin Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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    Company Address: Longshan Village, Danyang Town, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province

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