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    Common problem

    Cheng Xin: What problems should be noticed when trying out a forklift?

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    New forklifts or maintenance trucks that have been reassembled due to maintenance will be tested first when they begin. This is mainly to see if there are any problems with the performance and components of the forklift, which greatly reduces the failure rate after the formal work.

    This can be as safe as your work efficiency. However, there are also exquisite ways to make the road. Do not open it blindly.

    Here we talk about what problems should be noted when the forklift test circuit. 1. The braking performance under different levels shall be free from deviation and meandering. On steep slopes, after the brakes are tightened, it is possible to pull over. 2, listen to the engine in the acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no-load operation, with or without abnormal sound. 3, after a period of road test, check the brake, transmission, front axle housing, gear pump for overheating.

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