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    Common problem

    Cheng Xin: What are the common problems of forklifts?

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    1. The causes of chatter during lifting are: air in the lift cylinder, oil leakage in the hydraulic system, excessive wear of the inner mast/fork frame size rollers and bearings, and uneven lifting of the two lifting chains.

    2. Free fall too fast when there are loads, the main reasons are: pipeline and joints have oil leakage B valve hole of multi-way valve \ spool rod or seal wear, resulting in internal leakage, lift cylinder piston support ring / Y-ring wear , resulting in an endoleak

    3. Lifting speed is too slow or can not be lifted Main reasons are: lack of fuel tank, oil filter plug, hydraulic oil temperature is too high, hydraulic oil is too thin, hydraulic pipe leakage, multi-way valve adjustment pressure is not proper

    4. The main reasons for the failure of braking are: the breaking of the braking circuit, the excessive wear of the friction plate in the traction electrode control actuator, the looseness of the brake, or the excessive clearance of the brake pad.

    5. The main causes of partial electrical faults are: suddenly there is no forward retreat, there is no reflection of the lift, the forklift is walking, the forward speed cannot be adjusted, etc.

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