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    Common problem

    Cheng Xin tells you how to use the electric forklift?

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    1, to maintain proper start-up speed, should not be too fierce.

    2. Observe the voltage of the voltmeter. If it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately.

    3, the forklift in the walking process, is not allowed to flip the direction of the switch and change the direction of travel, to prevent burning electrical components and damage gear.

    4, driving and upgrading should not be carried out at the same time.

    5, pay attention to the drive system, the sound of the steering system is normal, abnormal noise should be promptly troubleshooting, non-sick operation is strictly prohibited.

    6, slow down in advance when changing.

    7. When working in poor road conditions, it is important to properly mitigate and reduce the speed.

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    Ma'anshan Chengxin Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Mobile Number: 189-5559-6233
    Contact: Cao Zong
    Company Address: Longshan Village, Danyang Town, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province

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