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    Common problem

    Chengxin tells you what are the electric forklift precautions?

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    1. Before lifting, it is necessary to understand the weight of the goods. The weight of the goods must not exceed the rated capacity of the forklift.

    2, when lifting the packaged goods should pay attention to whether the goods are firmly wrapped.

    3, according to the size of the cargo size, adjust the fork spacing, so that the goods are evenly distributed between the two forks, to avoid partial load.

    4. When the cargo is inserted into the cargo pile, the gantry should lean forward. After the cargo is loaded into the fork, the gantry should be leaned back so that the cargo abuts against the fork wall and the cargo is lowered as far as possible before it can be driven.

    5, lifting the goods should generally be carried out in a vertical position.

    6. When carrying out manual loading and unloading, use hand brake to stabilize the fork.

    7. Walking and lifting are not allowed to operate at the same time.

    8. When carrying goods on steep slopes, pay attention to the firmness of the goods on the forks.

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